End of week 1

  • Lidl – £4.98
  • Tesco £17.86
  • Fruit man £10
  • School Lunch £2
  • Work Lunch £5.54
  • Karate £3

£43.38. Not bad for the first week. But lots of room for improvement.

I made Egg Muffins (with bacon cheese and onion – scrumdiddliumptous!), snozzcumbers, pastas and a lot of tuna wraps. I forgot to take lunch one day which normally isnt an issue (i would have cereal) but collegues from the main office where in, so i took them to the cheapest place in town for a soup and pannini for £2.75. Another day I had a fresh juice from Zumo.

lunchThis is Wee Mans Snozzcumber (minus a messy balck n white exterior) with his 2 egg muffins.

Big £1.62 into the savings pot later.

I wont be using the fruit n veg man again, most of the fruits was soft n off. Concidering we are surrounded by farms we do not have any farm shops or farmers markets and we struggle to get local fruit n veg. We also struggle to get a good delivery service that isnt costing a fortune. At the main office, one was telling me that they pay £8 a week for a massive fruit n veg box including delivery. The cheapest I’ve found that delivers here was £32 a small box of eitehr fruit or veg. I will keep looking!


I didn’t have a lot of money fights this week. I seen one amaxing idea for making a nice frame be magnetic and getting all your make up displayed so u can see it all. 1 I dont wear much make up and 2 i don’t have any magnets nor frames nor space, so afetr pricing up the magnets I decided it was not worth the effort for it to lie in a corner never to get done.


Week 1

Was a bit of a non starter.
I ate a lot of crap I drank a fair bit of fizzy (no aspartame thanks 7Up) juice. I done a lot of squats.
It wasn’t until Friday that I got myself ingredients for a quick salad – bag of spinach, wild rocket, some cold meat and lemon n coriander houmous,  add a pinch of salt and it’s a great salad for eating at your desk , after a 45 min walk round town and into lidl to pick up said ingredients.  I made it twice.  I took a few handfuls of spinach a handful of the wild rocket, 1 slice of cold meat ripped/shredded by hand a sprinkling of salt, and a teaspoonful of the houmous,  mixed together … delicious. 


My £4.98 shopping has so far given me 3 portions with a few more spare plus 2 avocados to snack on or add to smoothies or salads or make a dip with 🙂

Then I had salad at my mums for dinner too, no meat but did have a dressing on. Then for snack at night j had same salad as lunch and added an onion and some olive oil n balsamic vinegar dressing that I made.
I didn’t eat much in the way of junk, some jelly beans and chewed a few bubaloo bubblegum to help teach Wee Man how to blow bubbles (very important in the list of things children should know how to do, along with whistling) .

Saturday has started off good. Out running/walking for 40 mins and now to make egg muffins. 

£45 a Week

Only allowing £45 per week to live on for the next seven weeks. This needs to cover almost* anything and everything, that I need to buy in cash or on card up until Friday 28th June 2014.

It sounds really scary like this. All foods, hair care, body care, cat care, child care (not the actual After School Care he currently goes to but all other activities he/we do), activites, days out, charity, come as you please days and any unexpected day to day stuff.

*I am not including my petrol in this as that is a necessity that I can’t get a better deal on, due to our council not allowing another supermarket to come into town as Tesco give them backhanders and under the table deals. (no evidence of this but we have Tesco 2 super stores in a 5 mile radius and not much competition for them. I just want another big name to come with their garage to make it less of a Tesco Monopoly in this area).

Freezer is stacked so we souldn’t need to buy meats, herbs and ice lollies .

Fridge is a bit bare after cleaning out last night – THREE shopping bags full to the gunnells went in the bin last night as they where off and fermenting/decomposing in my fridge. What a waste of (mostly veg) money. Actually sickend me whilst throwing it all out.


This will make me focus more on our food consumption, hopefully make me use up all the foods stuck in my cupboards, and make me more organised when it comes to our meals. Packed lunch for us both, apart from on a Friday as the Wee Man likes to have a school dinner as it’s Fish and Chips and Peas day.

Wee Man NEED’s new jeans. He just grows oh-so-quickly. I recently bought him new jeans, ages 7-8 and they are too tight for him, he can’t bend his knees properly.

I should not need to buy much ‘stuff’, as we are set for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap etc, might need to get some toothpaste and coconut oil though.


Activities currently on the go are Karate £3 per session and football – £38(paid) I’m sure that is until the school holidays.

Presents to buy for –

cousin having a baby girl due in the next 2 weeks, a communion and my nephew’s 2nd birthday.


It is going to be an interesting next few weeks.

Benefit scroungers? I think not!

Play This Everywhere.


Have a watch, and listen carefully.

This man deals with it everyday, and I deal with it every week. I tell at least one person a week to go get a referal for a foodbank. In this day and age. I also tell them to go to their local Church/Chapel/Mosque/Salvation Army. Cause you have to be without for 3 days before the foodbank will help. That does not help those poor children who due to lack of food, they cant concentrait at school, they dont learn and that affects the rest of their life.

Benefit Fraud

Lynsey Airth mother of 2 children, commits benefit fraud for £xxxx (figure unknown to me as I have yet to read last nights Greenock Telegraph)

MP Tony McNulty claimed £13,000 for a second home that his parents lived in.

Culture Secretary Maria Miller claimed parliamentary second home expenses for houses in which her parents lived in, to the tune of £90,000.

One of these people paid back the money and resigned.One is in jail and one has had nothing happen to them. Can you guess what punishment goes with whom?

Tony Mcnulty resigned, apologised and paid back the money.

Maria Miller is still Culture Secretary, has not apologised nor has she handed back a penny.

Lynsey Airth is currently in jail.


Moral of this story – if you are going to fraudulenty claim for a benefit, make sure it is for big bucks, cause the lower it is the harsher the punishment!


There is currently a Change.Org petition going around to get Lynsey released to be with her 2 young children. She has apologised and offered to pay the money back (a lot more than offered by Maria Miller, who has the money to pay it back in one go most likely).

Please sign the petition and get those to kids thier mother back!