Benefit Fraud

Lynsey Airth mother of 2 children, commits benefit fraud for £xxxx (figure unknown to me as I have yet to read last nights Greenock Telegraph)

MP Tony McNulty claimed £13,000 for a second home that his parents lived in.

Culture Secretary Maria Miller claimed parliamentary second home expenses for houses in which her parents lived in, to the tune of £90,000.

One of these people paid back the money and resigned.One is in jail and one has had nothing happen to them. Can you guess what punishment goes with whom?

Tony Mcnulty resigned, apologised and paid back the money.

Maria Miller is still Culture Secretary, has not apologised nor has she handed back a penny.

Lynsey Airth is currently in jail.


Moral of this story – if you are going to fraudulenty claim for a benefit, make sure it is for big bucks, cause the lower it is the harsher the punishment!


There is currently a Change.Org petition going around to get Lynsey released to be with her 2 young children. She has apologised and offered to pay the money back (a lot more than offered by Maria Miller, who has the money to pay it back in one go most likely).

Please sign the petition and get those to kids thier mother back!




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