£45 a Week

Only allowing £45 per week to live on for the next seven weeks. This needs to cover almost* anything and everything, that I need to buy in cash or on card up until Friday 28th June 2014.

It sounds really scary like this. All foods, hair care, body care, cat care, child care (not the actual After School Care he currently goes to but all other activities he/we do), activites, days out, charity, come as you please days and any unexpected day to day stuff.

*I am not including my petrol in this as that is a necessity that I can’t get a better deal on, due to our council not allowing another supermarket to come into town as Tesco give them backhanders and under the table deals. (no evidence of this but we have Tesco 2 super stores in a 5 mile radius and not much competition for them. I just want another big name to come with their garage to make it less of a Tesco Monopoly in this area).

Freezer is stacked so we souldn’t need to buy meats, herbs and ice lollies .

Fridge is a bit bare after cleaning out last night – THREE shopping bags full to the gunnells went in the bin last night as they where off and fermenting/decomposing in my fridge. What a waste of (mostly veg) money. Actually sickend me whilst throwing it all out.


This will make me focus more on our food consumption, hopefully make me use up all the foods stuck in my cupboards, and make me more organised when it comes to our meals. Packed lunch for us both, apart from on a Friday as the Wee Man likes to have a school dinner as it’s Fish and Chips and Peas day.

Wee Man NEED’s new jeans. He just grows oh-so-quickly. I recently bought him new jeans, ages 7-8 and they are too tight for him, he can’t bend his knees properly.

I should not need to buy much ‘stuff’, as we are set for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap etc, might need to get some toothpaste and coconut oil though.


Activities currently on the go are Karate £3 per session and football – £38(paid) I’m sure that is until the school holidays.

Presents to buy for –

cousin having a baby girl due in the next 2 weeks, a communion and my nephew’s 2nd birthday.


It is going to be an interesting next few weeks.


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