Week 1

Was a bit of a non starter.
I ate a lot of crap I drank a fair bit of fizzy (no aspartame thanks 7Up) juice. I done a lot of squats.
It wasn’t until Friday that I got myself ingredients for a quick salad – bag of spinach, wild rocket, some cold meat and lemon n coriander houmous,  add a pinch of salt and it’s a great salad for eating at your desk , after a 45 min walk round town and into lidl to pick up said ingredients.  I made it twice.  I took a few handfuls of spinach a handful of the wild rocket, 1 slice of cold meat ripped/shredded by hand a sprinkling of salt, and a teaspoonful of the houmous,  mixed together … delicious. 


My £4.98 shopping has so far given me 3 portions with a few more spare plus 2 avocados to snack on or add to smoothies or salads or make a dip with 🙂

Then I had salad at my mums for dinner too, no meat but did have a dressing on. Then for snack at night j had same salad as lunch and added an onion and some olive oil n balsamic vinegar dressing that I made.
I didn’t eat much in the way of junk, some jelly beans and chewed a few bubaloo bubblegum to help teach Wee Man how to blow bubbles (very important in the list of things children should know how to do, along with whistling) .

Saturday has started off good. Out running/walking for 40 mins and now to make egg muffins. 


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