End of week 1

  • Lidl – £4.98
  • Tesco £17.86
  • Fruit man £10
  • School Lunch £2
  • Work Lunch £5.54
  • Karate £3

£43.38. Not bad for the first week. But lots of room for improvement.

I made Egg Muffins (with bacon cheese and onion – scrumdiddliumptous!), snozzcumbers, pastas and a lot of tuna wraps. I forgot to take lunch one day which normally isnt an issue (i would have cereal) but collegues from the main office where in, so i took them to the cheapest place in town for a soup and pannini for £2.75. Another day I had a fresh juice from Zumo.

lunchThis is Wee Mans Snozzcumber (minus a messy balck n white exterior) with his 2 egg muffins.

Big £1.62 into the savings pot later.

I wont be using the fruit n veg man again, most of the fruits was soft n off. Concidering we are surrounded by farms we do not have any farm shops or farmers markets and we struggle to get local fruit n veg. We also struggle to get a good delivery service that isnt costing a fortune. At the main office, one was telling me that they pay £8 a week for a massive fruit n veg box including delivery. The cheapest I’ve found that delivers here was £32 a small box of eitehr fruit or veg. I will keep looking!


I didn’t have a lot of money fights this week. I seen one amaxing idea for making a nice frame be magnetic and getting all your make up displayed so u can see it all. 1 I dont wear much make up and 2 i don’t have any magnets nor frames nor space, so afetr pricing up the magnets I decided it was not worth the effort for it to lie in a corner never to get done.



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