Granny Square

This is a good skill to learn to help reduce your present expenses, especially for baby presents. An hour or so each night for a couple of weeks and you have a good sized baby blanket for a new born baby or as a christening gift

I learned to crochet in American terms (thanks to the art of crochet on youtube and her blog for reading the drawing instructions :)) but I couldn’t for the life of me get a granny square. One day I bought one of those knitting and crochet magazines that had a pattern for a granny square something or other and it just clicked. I do prefere to have my rounds start in a corner, but I can’t remember it just now. I will post how I do it when I’ve practiced a few.

Slip knot.
chain 6 (counts as an american double crochet and chain 2 and initial ‘hole’)
3 double crochet in the very 1st chain – aka The Hole
chain 2
3 double crochet
chain 2
3 double crochet
chain 2
2 double crochet
slip stich to 3rd chain in the chain of 5

that is your first round completed.

turn your work round,
chain 4 (counts as your 1st dc and chain 1 space)
{3 double crochet in next hole
chain 2
3 dc
that is your first corner done
chain 1}
{}repeat 2 more times
3 dc
chain 2
2 dc,
slip stitch into 3rd chain of the chain 4

Repeat all this with chain 1’s to space out as you increase in size.


some pics to be added when they eventually upload from the mobile! which explains why no other posts for a while.


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