Alarm Clock


I am most certainly in the lots of alarms camp.

One thing I invested in somewhat recently was a ‘body clock’ that mimics the sunrise to gently ease you out of bed. Works great in the winter, not so great in the summer. Before we got this, our mornigs where hellish. Jump starts when you hear the alarm going that is for when you should be out the door, so quick wash, throw clothes on, grab breakfast to go and drive like a maniac. In between all that everything is going wrong, from wee man forgetting to take his pjs off and putting uniform over them, to me not brushing my teeth (apologies to anyone speaking to me at the school! i do brush them when i get to work). After we got the alarm clock with the sunrise, we were up at a reaonable time, with time for a breakfast at the table, proper snacks packed in bags, clothes on in correct order with no forgetting to take of bed clothes, time even for showers! and of proper brushing of ones teeth.

Now that summer is here, and it is actually sunny in the morning, my body alarm clock is a little redundant. The sun decides to wake us at stupic o’clock in the morning – somewhere around five thirty AM, so i roll back over to sleep, trusting my normal alarms on my phone to do the job of nature. Which always fails. and we wake around twenty past eight in the morning, when we have to leave at twenty minutes to nine for us to get to school on time or if traffic is good, a little earlier. Only difference between these get up times and pre-body clock times, is that we are still getting up a bit earlier and we are not I am not shouting at my son for silly mistakes.


Thankfully, only 2 more weeks til school holidays!


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