Failing with money

I feel like I am failing miserably with my aim of £45 per week. In reality I am not. I am going over by at most £20. this extra spend has went on christmas and birthday presents. so I am ahead for most of the year.

I shouldn’t beat myself up about it, but I can’t not beat myself up.


It is making me think before I make purchases. Like recently we decided we are going to learn to snowboard. One of my friends advised me to get the membership passes as I then get 30% discount on lessons. Sounds good. It also comes with 2 hours free and then agian on your birthday. and cheaper passes when using the facilities. So I go to the desk to ask for more info, and the girl tells me that its £79 for a student and £69 for a child for the year. And that they have summer camps available.

they are £229 for a week. kids drop off at 8.30 am, and pick up at 5.30pm. lunch and snacks are included.

Also a membership is included too.

So really £160 for the week, plus buy a membership and he will be snowboarding in a week. In the afternoons they do other activities, like go to the cinema, ten pin bowling, crazy golf. Its actualy reasonably priced for everything included.

If i was to pay for 9 hours a day at his current after school care group, it would be £172.5 for the week .

I am going to get the membership passes anyways, aw jeez; I am talking myself into this week camp, which was not the point of me telling all this. My point was that I didn’t just sign up for it.


Now I am going to have a talk with Wee Man and see how he feels about it all. as value for money it is better.


So lets recap. I spent more than I wanted to recently, but not as much as i normally would have.

Me and wee man decided to learn a sport together so we could go have fun. We decided on snowboarding. We both need lessons. I’ve found a relatively cheaper way for him to learn, but not me. I will need to leave it till the following month to get my lessons and membership. a plan seems to be forming. And not one that is cheap nor going to pay the mortgage earlier.


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