50 days left

And I am genuinely scared.

My son asked last week what happens if we vote No? as we stand at the bus station after a brilliant week ‘down South’, Worcester to be precise. Where the sun shone, and people went to the pub every night. and the town was not only full of pound shops and charity shops, but a LOT of higher end high street shops.

My response; as a lot of the English Grey Haired Brigade (elderly waiting on the bus to the pay and ride place) listened in (as best as they can with our accents).

“Survive as best we can, as we have always done.”


But why should we just survive? Why can’t we as a nation thrive? Why can we not continue to spend our money on the values we believe in like free health care and free education for all? Why if over half of us vote No on 18th September, then have to lose these fundamentals to our lives that we are at this moment taking for granted?


Me as a full-time employed mother earns the princely sum of £16200 per year. £1350 per month. I get around £1100 in my bank each month.  I pay £500 per month for my house as I am stuck on a high interest mortgage. If i was to be renting it is no cheaper and a lot of the times dearer.

Then add in Gas, Electricity, BBC Licence, Virgin (cheaper for me to have the tv and fone package than to just have the broadband, i would get rid of the other two if it saved me any money, but it doesn’t), life insurances, house insurances, car insurance, mobile fone.

On a good month i have £250 to spend on Food, Diesel, school lunches/clothes/trips/funds/charities(my order of school priorities), after school activities, childcare, birthdays, christmas, easter, clothes for both of us and if lucky a holiday too!

I try to save, but its hard when everything is needed paying and all at once – I save up to pay the car insurance and house insurances in one go so i don’t have to pay anything extra.


If I had to also pay for our health care, something else would have to give, but what?

If i had to save to be able to pay for my son to go to college or uni, then im sure the pot would be almost empty, as something would always need fixed or repaired or replaced.


When I go food shopping, I spend between £30 and £50 per week! for the 2 of us. We eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and that takes up the bulk of our shopping, it used to be dairy but now the reliance on goat’s milk/yogurt/cheese isn’t too big,now i buy; 1 litre of milk, 1 250g block of cheese, and 1 carton of natural yogurt. Those 3 items comes to approx £9. Buy midweek I need a top up of milk.


If the vote is No, what will happen to us? We have only had 10% of the cuts that Wales, Northern Ireland and England have had.

No More Austerity
This stuck on the bus stop in Worcester.

What westminster Government is going to cut most of the money due to a country that is in the process of drumming up support to leave?

Fair Saturday

The list for going to the Jousting at Linlithgow Palace.

Most importantly – the Passes.

Car has been topped up with fuel, tunes have been selected for the car journey. Films downloaded for the kids tablets.

Snacks for the car

  • fruit
  • wraps
  • crisps
  • juice
  • some sweets
  • more juice


  • pasta
  • sandwiches
  • veg
  • fruit
  • juice, juice and more juice

Their is an Aldi on the way back, if we need anything I will pop in and pick some things up.

This is the bag for on our travels. A few bottles of frozen water to help keep it all cool and to drink on the way home.


Hope the weather stays dry!

It’s summer

Here where we are, the school holidays have started.

So far Wee Man went to visit his dad, first time staying away from me more than 2 nights. I cried myself to sleep (aided by some gin and Grey’s Anatomy) He left on the friday and  done ok til the Monday. He broke down sobbing his wee heart out missing me. He wouldn’t go get a cuddle from his dad or stepmum. Shouted at his brother to go away cause he was making noise that ment he couldn’t hear me.

It was a sad horrible situation. I couldn’t give him a hug, or go collect him (5 hours and 2 trains away) and his dad couldn’t bring him home.

He was supposed to be away til Friday, but his stepmum brought him home yesterday. and it was the longest squashiest cuddles ive had. he wouldn’t let me go.


This week is our Fair Saturday, we have planned all year to go to Linlithgo Palace for the Jousting, happy coincidence that it falls on Fair Saturday. We are taking the Nephew with us. Hope he is ok for the car journey.

Sunday is the nephew’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe he is 2 already. We bought him a thomas the tank carry along set and a Toothless Dragon from the Bear Factory. Thomas was reduced a while back and i had a £10 voucher for the bear shop. I am doing facepainting for my sister at the party to help bring the costs down.


It should be a cheap weekend.




Grey’s Anatomy series 5. George just died. sob sob)