5lbs in 5 days – My ‘challenge’

I’ve decided to do the 5lb in 5 days challenge following Jason Vales book.

I bought all the shopping list minus the pineapples as they shred my mouth and throat – i love pineapple too.

Day 1 – slept in!
My alarm switched off and my mobile fone did its ‘i’m charging so lets mess with her and switch off and flash but not switch back on until she reboots me’ thing. It’s really annoying!

I quickly made my ginger shot

And made the turbo juice. it needs 1/4 pineapple, i decided to instead use orange juice – and promptly forgot.
It tastes lovely. With a bit more tang than what i think it probably would have with the pineapple/orange juice.


My exercise of choice today is Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.
So far soo good.

I have to have the turbo twice and another juice twice today too as well as herbal teas and water, and emergency banana or avocado.

Lets see how tomorrow goes.


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