My Challenge continued

I lost track of the days, but Friday i ate pasta for dinner, Saturday i done the same 2 juices through the day, and pasta for dinner, sunday i had 3 juices spread out through the day and was felling extremely full around 6 pm,

Monday, I onlytook 2 juices to work, had a pepermint tea as well, my mum asked to meet me straight after work to go a walk, by 5.30 i was feeling rather famished. Ate a few strawberries on the way home after stopping into lidl to pick up some veg supplies. By time i got home around half 7 or 8 o’clock i was feeling starved. I grabbed the first thing i seen which was a chocolate cookie. then another. and a few mini rolls too. I actually felt rather dissapointed in myself. not because i have no will power, or that i was not following the ‘diet’ to the letter but because i was eating food that doesnt really taste like food should. i never had time to go weigh myself.

Tuesday I woke up nice and early, raring to go. My #JillianMichaels dvd doesnt work in the x-box. I bent down to pick up some veg that had dropped and i felt a twinge go in my lower back. It wasn’t painfull then, but it has been ever since (now thursday) I also had the dentist on Tuesday, think i have like another 3 teeth with problems 😦 also noted that i have a clicky jaw. I currently have an absece so grudgingly agreed to root treatment on the tooth they think is causing the problems. I think its the tooth behind it. Went and weighed myself with a girl from work. I am now down to 12 stone 6 lbs.

I lost 5lbs since the monday before!



Wednesday my back was still sore, i also had sore tender tooth where they had done a bit of the prep and clean out on my tooth. I made a minty sunshine without the mint for at work. and bought a detox special from the juice place in town. Had chilli and rice for dinner – on a side plate. bed early.


Today i have had a mini roll (why oh why do i do it. thay are not even nice to eat!!!) all because i didnt have enough time this morning to get everything done.  Also a bottle of orange juice. not fresh orange juice, but bottled stuff. grr.


No 30 Day Shred has been done. I need to move the dvd player from the room to the living room. and hope my back gets better asap. I’m doing Pretty Mudder in 2 weeks!

And did I tell you, I signed up for Tough Mudder too!


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