Four little days to go!

The BIGGEST decision to be made in Scotland by the people in Scotland is only four days away!

Everywhere I go, I hear people talking, discussing and yes; even debating THE REFERENDUM.

I also hear a lot of

‘I’m sick of this bloody referendum! Can’t wait til it’s over and we can go back to watching TV/posting pictures of our dinners again.’

The other side of the coin is

‘I’m soo excited/nervous that I can’t sleep!’

Which in itself shows the difference of the supporters. 97% of Scotland has registered to vote. The HIGHEST number ever to be registered. It shows the level of belief that we, in Scotland, FINALLY have a Vote that actually matters. Even if that Vote returns a majority of No, then at least we got one chance to be counted. If that majority is Yes, it will be the first of many Votes where our voice is heard, instead of hidden in the many millions of England (same does apply to Wales and Northern Ireland, our three wee countries voices are drowned out by the large amount of Voters in England. For example, Scotland has one Tory MP, yet we have a Tories running the Government)


I hear many people saying nothing will change. I do not believe this to be true. I personally think if the outcome is Yes, I don’t see much changing within the first 5 years – other than our Passports and Drivers licences being changed over. The rest will muddle along the same as before until we have full control and agreement in our parliament.

whereas if the outcome is No, I fear that our audacity to even try to think for ourselves will be punished by those in Westminster, our further 70% austerity cuts will happen very soon, more and more powers will be taken away from the Scottish Executive – to continue to call it a parliament would be an embarrassment. Our NHS has no hope of being ‘ring-fence’ in the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). Our world-class Universities would lose out, Our school systems will lose out. The history books will be written about how a small mob of SNP voters tried to change the United Kingdom. When really it was a lot of Labour Voters who have done their research and realised Scottish Labour would work better for Scotland without the westminster Labour telling them what to do, It was the Scottish Green Voters who can see a way forward in Independence (No Trident for one!), it was the masses of ‘I’m not wasting my time Voting when what we Vote for makes no difference’. It was this last lot of non voters who have swelled our Voting numbers to 97% of the people in Scotland. It is these voters who have suddenly gotten very into politics, many in Scotland now know more about our financial history, political history, royal history, economic history than ever before. And this new knowledge is not going to go away. We know now more than ever that Labour are no different from the Conservatories. We know now that we are not thought highly of in our House of Lords and our Parliament. We know now that we are only wanted for our Oil and our revenues from whiskey and other revenues that are all classed as English revenues.

I truly hope that those going to the polling booth on Thursday take the time to go to the sources of information, dig around to find out the facts and the fiction (thanks BBC for making us do your job for you!) and I hope they Vote the way forward for Scotland.


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