it’s been a weird day

Today has not been too good at all.

we didnt get up with the alarm, i didnt make any juices, son starts his homework as im ready to leave the house, ended with us leaving at 9.05, instead of 08.40 (at the latest to get us their just.on.time.). In the end up he was in tears, i was shouting, he is grounded, with no staying at his other grans and no hockey on saturday night.

I feel like crap. i barely everย  shout like that, but he has had this homework for over 2 weeks now, i’ve continually told him to do it. its for a teacher he doesnt like so i understand that he doesnt want the memories of her encrouching his holiday/time off from school, but to pull it out at twenty minutes to 9 was disrespectful for himself, to me and to his school. He cried the whole way to school. when we got theirwe stood int he car park for a good ten minutes just huggng and trying to get his tears to stop. I have told him he car earn back going to stay at his grans and we will see about the hockey.

As i said, i made no juices this morning. Used to not be much of an issue as we had a Zume Juice bar in town, but new owners of the mall have made all the “stall” type shops move into actual shops and Zumo moved to Glasgow instead. So today i drank a bit of water, ate some german meatballs i had to use up and had some frozen kefir. was nice not to over powering of flavour and hit the spot til i get home and make a juice for my dinner.


Also weighed myself today – no movement since 4 days ago

. wpid-2015-02-12-14.31.07.jpg.jpeg

Oh, hold on! I can see a .1kg increase ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

It could be as its time of the month. or could be because i didnt do much exercise.


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