Moping Monday

Today has been a drag horrible day. Woke with a bit of a headache that has persisted all day.
Work was horrible – people shouting at me to vent their frustrations about our clients, as well as a p.c. that takes forever and ever to do anything.
Breakfast today was an avocado with pink salt, junk (biscuits!) in work for “lunch” and apple slices with honey to dip in for snack.
3 chicken nuggets when at mums & now I’m going to make some bacon n sausages for dinner with either pancakes or a salad. Maybe even both.

Big surprise this week is that I lost 2 lb even though I was unable unorganised enough to continue the 7lb juice diet. I’m need to sort out the house 1st as it’s soo cluttered I can’t think properly.


Once that’s sorted I can then concentrate on a dedicated diet that needs time to prepare and wash the equipment – this sounds a bit strange I know, but my sleep is out of whack and I’m not getting up early enough to make the juices never mind do exercise,  and part of that is because I’m overwhelmed by the extent of clutter. So priority has changed for a week or 2 til I’m sorted.

I am keeping note of my calories just now tho and aiming for 1500 a day. I think this might still be too many but it will be a lot less than what I have been used to for ages.


This was yesterday’s,  which was a good day of ice skating with son n nephew who’s 2 and loved being on the ice. Son fell a few times but was ok and gaining confidence every week 🙂


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