10k in May

Weight has not moved for a while I’m sad to say.
Signed up for Morrisons Great Run in May the Glasgow one. Not received my pack yet, my friends received theirs so I’m getting a little anxious in case I’ve signed up for the wrong thing! .

Been out two 3 n a bit miles runs this week and going out again today. They are roughly 40 ish mins long and yesterday I done it as Day one of a couch to 10k app. My hip joints are a bit achy today when I walk.

Oh I bought myself a pair of Karrimore trainers for eighteen pounds. Lightest things I have ever worn.


Not been doing juices for a while, due to being skint just now, I’m eating healthy paleo inspired foods so alls not lost. Just can’t afford all the ingredients for a weeks juicing just now.

Son’s birthday soon and we have beginner snowboarding lessons.  He wants a 3ds  which my mum is going to buy, and I’ll pick up a game or 2 for it. 
Have no idea what else to get him.

Also going to Grimsby for the weekend in May for a christening which I’m looking forward to. But not the driving,  nor the cost of it all. Two hundred pounds for the room for 3 nights, saving us over one hundred pounds compared to a few hotels I was looking at.
Going to cost approximately one hundred and fifty pounds for diesel as well as six hours driving each way.

Paid for car insurance at start of the week. Three hundred and four pounds fully comp including breakdown and legal and everything else. 
Soo skint just now is an understatement. 

Just ate a load of lamb for breakfast  – was random bits in the freezer , defrosted and bunged in the slow cooker to make a stock base for soup for work this week. Thinking carrot n parsnip soup and maybe a broth too. It’s still a bit chilly here on the West Coast.

P.s. I also went on a disastrous date last weekend. No click no nothing. In fact the guy was an arrogant git. Belittling my choices of education for my son and his attitude stunk. So I told him a few things he didn’t like to hear – nothing to do with how shit a father he is – has a kid with a woman from another country and he won’t learn the language to communicate with his kid. Thinks the kid is going to want to come live with him in a few years haha dream on arse whole!  So he sent me a msg the next day saying I had called him ignorant and an idiot.
I did.
I apologised.

Not for what I said. But for him not understanding what the words meant.


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