My Challenge continued

I lost track of the days, but Friday i ate pasta for dinner, Saturday i done the same 2 juices through the day, and pasta for dinner, sunday i had 3 juices spread out through the day and was felling extremely full around 6 pm,

Monday, I onlytook 2 juices to work, had a pepermint tea as well, my mum asked to meet me straight after work to go a walk, by 5.30 i was feeling rather famished. Ate a few strawberries on the way home after stopping into lidl to pick up some veg supplies. By time i got home around half 7 or 8 o’clock i was feeling starved. I grabbed the first thing i seen which was a chocolate cookie. then another. and a few mini rolls too. I actually felt rather dissapointed in myself. not because i have no will power, or that i was not following the ‘diet’ to the letter but because i was eating food that doesnt really taste like food should. i never had time to go weigh myself.

Tuesday I woke up nice and early, raring to go. My #JillianMichaels dvd doesnt work in the x-box. I bent down to pick up some veg that had dropped and i felt a twinge go in my lower back. It wasn’t painfull then, but it has been ever since (now thursday) I also had the dentist on Tuesday, think i have like another 3 teeth with problems 😦 also noted that i have a clicky jaw. I currently have an absece so grudgingly agreed to root treatment on the tooth they think is causing the problems. I think its the tooth behind it. Went and weighed myself with a girl from work. I am now down to 12 stone 6 lbs.

I lost 5lbs since the monday before!



Wednesday my back was still sore, i also had sore tender tooth where they had done a bit of the prep and clean out on my tooth. I made a minty sunshine without the mint for at work. and bought a detox special from the juice place in town. Had chilli and rice for dinner – on a side plate. bed early.


Today i have had a mini roll (why oh why do i do it. thay are not even nice to eat!!!) all because i didnt have enough time this morning to get everything done.  Also a bottle of orange juice. not fresh orange juice, but bottled stuff. grr.


No 30 Day Shred has been done. I need to move the dvd player from the room to the living room. and hope my back gets better asap. I’m doing Pretty Mudder in 2 weeks!

And did I tell you, I signed up for Tough Mudder too!

Weigh In week 4

Yesterdays weigh in was better than expected. Last week i ate food i dont normally eat, and i done it twice! I ate at burger king. I had vouchers. so i made the monetary decision of we are in town for a few hours, we need to eat, i have these vouchers in my bag. £2 for a meal, i got one for me and mum one day and next day me and son. £8 on 4 meals. not bad for in the town eating.

On Sunday was a really bad day food wise. i had no fruits or veg in the house to make juices with. i ate cereal for breakfast. Ive been weaning myself off cereal for about a year now, i am mostly ok and only have a bowl once in a while. it was weetabix minis with chocolate. not the worst cereal to have.

we went to a family fun day for The Clan, picked up our supporters cards and bought some home baking.

The chocolate brownies where delicious. i ate 2 in the car without the kids noticing!

Then with dinner i had 3 glasses of wine which probably worked out at 1 large glass of wine. I pour mine like its a spirit and dilute it with 7up.

But all that with not as much walking as i should have/could have done ment that I



I went shopping yesterday and got a load of veggies and fruits. forgot to get cold meat for the boys school lunches.

Did pick up one of these lunch boxes, who am i kidding, i got 2! I did only pay £12 for them both though.

Wee Man has in his – garlic and herb wrap (13p) filled with goats cheese (10p); bottom layer, 1 peperami (50p) halved to fit in box on top layer, grapes (10p) and blueberries (10p) in one tub, cucumber (5p) in the other tub and a little cup of mango jelly (22p) and a tiny teeny spoon. (he also has a chocolate crossant (26p)for snack in his bag). Total – £1.46 for his lunch

Wee man lunch

He took the picture himself, in the back of the car, and was very annoyed that the car was making it all bumpy and not let him get a good shot.

In mine i got grapes (10p) in one tub, cucumber (5p) in the other, chinese leaf lettuce (15p) and a red pepper (25p). I didnt have time to cut the avocado (69p), nor peel the mandarins (60p for 10, think i will eat 3 or 4 today, so 24p) so they came in a bag to work. i have eaten all the lettuce, red pepper and cucumber for breakfast. Total £1.48

veggies for breakfast


They look slightly different as i took out the divider on my side section to put in more lettuce, and i took out the tray in my middle section.

Prices are estimates, the purchase price divided by how many portions i think i will get from it and X by the amount i used.

£2.94 for 2 lunches and snacks. Compaired to £1.85 for school and £3 for work.

Not bad for a very last minute rush job. And on the cheap too!