Weigh In week 4

Yesterdays weigh in was better than expected. Last week i ate food i dont normally eat, and i done it twice! I ate at burger king. I had vouchers. so i made the monetary decision of we are in town for a few hours, we need to eat, i have these vouchers in my bag. £2 for a meal, i got one for me and mum one day and next day me and son. £8 on 4 meals. not bad for in the town eating.

On Sunday was a really bad day food wise. i had no fruits or veg in the house to make juices with. i ate cereal for breakfast. Ive been weaning myself off cereal for about a year now, i am mostly ok and only have a bowl once in a while. it was weetabix minis with chocolate. not the worst cereal to have.

we went to a family fun day for The Clan, picked up our supporters cards and bought some home baking.

The chocolate brownies where delicious. i ate 2 in the car without the kids noticing!

Then with dinner i had 3 glasses of wine which probably worked out at 1 large glass of wine. I pour mine like its a spirit and dilute it with 7up.

But all that with not as much walking as i should have/could have done ment that I



I went shopping yesterday and got a load of veggies and fruits. forgot to get cold meat for the boys school lunches.

Did pick up one of these lunch boxes, who am i kidding, i got 2! I did only pay £12 for them both though.

Wee Man has in his – garlic and herb wrap (13p) filled with goats cheese (10p); bottom layer, 1 peperami (50p) halved to fit in box on top layer, grapes (10p) and blueberries (10p) in one tub, cucumber (5p) in the other tub and a little cup of mango jelly (22p) and a tiny teeny spoon. (he also has a chocolate crossant (26p)for snack in his bag). Total – £1.46 for his lunch

Wee man lunch

He took the picture himself, in the back of the car, and was very annoyed that the car was making it all bumpy and not let him get a good shot.

In mine i got grapes (10p) in one tub, cucumber (5p) in the other, chinese leaf lettuce (15p) and a red pepper (25p). I didnt have time to cut the avocado (69p), nor peel the mandarins (60p for 10, think i will eat 3 or 4 today, so 24p) so they came in a bag to work. i have eaten all the lettuce, red pepper and cucumber for breakfast. Total £1.48

veggies for breakfast


They look slightly different as i took out the divider on my side section to put in more lettuce, and i took out the tray in my middle section.

Prices are estimates, the purchase price divided by how many portions i think i will get from it and X by the amount i used.

£2.94 for 2 lunches and snacks. Compaired to £1.85 for school and £3 for work.

Not bad for a very last minute rush job. And on the cheap too!

School Uniform

How many ‘sets’ do you buy?


I’ve left it really late to get my son his uniform. They go back on the 15th, so two weeks exactly today!

I need to get him to try on the trousers and shirts I bought near the end of last year and see if they still fit or if like, i suspect; he’s taken a growth spurt.

I’ve been thinking along the lines of 1 for each day of the week, but I don’t feel that clothes should be washed after every wear. (taking laundry into consideration – i wash most wednesdays and sundays for school clothes) Maybe 3 sets of polo shirts, jumpers and trousers, and also get single shirts in 2 or 3 sizes, as he needs to wear them only a handful of times throughout the year. May as well buy them whilst deals are on them.

Here is my list of essentails for school.

  • Waterproof jacket
  • 2 red sports jumpers
  • 1 school branded red jumper
  • 2 white polo shirts
  • 2 school branded polo jumpers
  • 3 pairs of grey trousers
  • 1 shirt
  • 1 school tie
  • grey socks
  • pants
  • P.E. kit – red shorts, t-shirt
  • Plimsoles
  • school shoes
  • school bag

Now to find out the prices locally.

Price list of the Wee Mans school
Price list of the Wee Mans school

Quick estimate is £189. not including the tie or shirt as i have those. or the bag as i picked up a teenage mutant ninja turtle one around easter for £6 _________________________________________________________


And this is what i bought during my lunch break.

  • 2 red branded jumpers
  • 1 branded polo shirt
  • 1 branded p.e. shirt
  • 1 branded p.e. shorts
  • 1 pair of plimsoles
  • 1 jacket



Still to get the shoes!

Failing with money

I feel like I am failing miserably with my aim of £45 per week. In reality I am not. I am going over by at most £20. this extra spend has went on christmas and birthday presents. so I am ahead for most of the year.

I shouldn’t beat myself up about it, but I can’t not beat myself up.


It is making me think before I make purchases. Like recently we decided we are going to learn to snowboard. One of my friends advised me to get the membership passes as I then get 30% discount on lessons. Sounds good. It also comes with 2 hours free and then agian on your birthday. and cheaper passes when using the facilities. So I go to the desk to ask for more info, and the girl tells me that its £79 for a student and £69 for a child for the year. And that they have summer camps available.

they are £229 for a week. kids drop off at 8.30 am, and pick up at 5.30pm. lunch and snacks are included.

Also a membership is included too.

So really £160 for the week, plus buy a membership and he will be snowboarding in a week. In the afternoons they do other activities, like go to the cinema, ten pin bowling, crazy golf. Its actualy reasonably priced for everything included.

If i was to pay for 9 hours a day at his current after school care group, it would be £172.5 for the week .

I am going to get the membership passes anyways, aw jeez; I am talking myself into this week camp, which was not the point of me telling all this. My point was that I didn’t just sign up for it.


Now I am going to have a talk with Wee Man and see how he feels about it all. as value for money it is better.


So lets recap. I spent more than I wanted to recently, but not as much as i normally would have.

Me and wee man decided to learn a sport together so we could go have fun. We decided on snowboarding. We both need lessons. I’ve found a relatively cheaper way for him to learn, but not me. I will need to leave it till the following month to get my lessons and membership. a plan seems to be forming. And not one that is cheap nor going to pay the mortgage earlier.

Granny Square

This is a good skill to learn to help reduce your present expenses, especially for baby presents. An hour or so each night for a couple of weeks and you have a good sized baby blanket for a new born baby or as a christening gift

I learned to crochet in American terms (thanks to the art of crochet on youtube and her blog for reading the drawing instructions :)) but I couldn’t for the life of me get a granny square. One day I bought one of those knitting and crochet magazines that had a pattern for a granny square something or other and it just clicked. I do prefere to have my rounds start in a corner, but I can’t remember it just now. I will post how I do it when I’ve practiced a few.

Slip knot.
chain 6 (counts as an american double crochet and chain 2 and initial ‘hole’)
3 double crochet in the very 1st chain – aka The Hole
chain 2
3 double crochet
chain 2
3 double crochet
chain 2
2 double crochet
slip stich to 3rd chain in the chain of 5

that is your first round completed.

turn your work round,
chain 4 (counts as your 1st dc and chain 1 space)
{3 double crochet in next hole
chain 2
3 dc
that is your first corner done
chain 1}
{}repeat 2 more times
3 dc
chain 2
2 dc,
slip stitch into 3rd chain of the chain 4

Repeat all this with chain 1’s to space out as you increase in size.


some pics to be added when they eventually upload from the mobile! which explains why no other posts for a while.

End of week 1

  • Lidl – £4.98
  • Tesco £17.86
  • Fruit man £10
  • School Lunch £2
  • Work Lunch £5.54
  • Karate £3

£43.38. Not bad for the first week. But lots of room for improvement.

I made Egg Muffins (with bacon cheese and onion – scrumdiddliumptous!), snozzcumbers, pastas and a lot of tuna wraps. I forgot to take lunch one day which normally isnt an issue (i would have cereal) but collegues from the main office where in, so i took them to the cheapest place in town for a soup and pannini for £2.75. Another day I had a fresh juice from Zumo.

lunchThis is Wee Mans Snozzcumber (minus a messy balck n white exterior) with his 2 egg muffins.

Big £1.62 into the savings pot later.

I wont be using the fruit n veg man again, most of the fruits was soft n off. Concidering we are surrounded by farms we do not have any farm shops or farmers markets and we struggle to get local fruit n veg. We also struggle to get a good delivery service that isnt costing a fortune. At the main office, one was telling me that they pay £8 a week for a massive fruit n veg box including delivery. The cheapest I’ve found that delivers here was £32 a small box of eitehr fruit or veg. I will keep looking!


I didn’t have a lot of money fights this week. I seen one amaxing idea for making a nice frame be magnetic and getting all your make up displayed so u can see it all. 1 I dont wear much make up and 2 i don’t have any magnets nor frames nor space, so afetr pricing up the magnets I decided it was not worth the effort for it to lie in a corner never to get done.


£45 a Week

Only allowing £45 per week to live on for the next seven weeks. This needs to cover almost* anything and everything, that I need to buy in cash or on card up until Friday 28th June 2014.

It sounds really scary like this. All foods, hair care, body care, cat care, child care (not the actual After School Care he currently goes to but all other activities he/we do), activites, days out, charity, come as you please days and any unexpected day to day stuff.

*I am not including my petrol in this as that is a necessity that I can’t get a better deal on, due to our council not allowing another supermarket to come into town as Tesco give them backhanders and under the table deals. (no evidence of this but we have Tesco 2 super stores in a 5 mile radius and not much competition for them. I just want another big name to come with their garage to make it less of a Tesco Monopoly in this area).

Freezer is stacked so we souldn’t need to buy meats, herbs and ice lollies .

Fridge is a bit bare after cleaning out last night – THREE shopping bags full to the gunnells went in the bin last night as they where off and fermenting/decomposing in my fridge. What a waste of (mostly veg) money. Actually sickend me whilst throwing it all out.


This will make me focus more on our food consumption, hopefully make me use up all the foods stuck in my cupboards, and make me more organised when it comes to our meals. Packed lunch for us both, apart from on a Friday as the Wee Man likes to have a school dinner as it’s Fish and Chips and Peas day.

Wee Man NEED’s new jeans. He just grows oh-so-quickly. I recently bought him new jeans, ages 7-8 and they are too tight for him, he can’t bend his knees properly.

I should not need to buy much ‘stuff’, as we are set for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap etc, might need to get some toothpaste and coconut oil though.


Activities currently on the go are Karate £3 per session and football – £38(paid) I’m sure that is until the school holidays.

Presents to buy for –

cousin having a baby girl due in the next 2 weeks, a communion and my nephew’s 2nd birthday.


It is going to be an interesting next few weeks.