Is this day 5?

I missed the day after I started and oil pulled every other day since.
So here are some pics*.
Day 1

Day 1

Day 3

Day 3

Day 4

Day 4

Day 5

Day 5

I think my teeth look whiter, but I’m more interested in my gums.

I’m going to order some new organic essential oils to add.
Found out my sister paid £20 for 14 wee tiny teeny weeny tubes of coconut oil and essential oils to do what I’m doing. I think that is a rip off. My coconut oil is at the most £16 a jar and lasts for ages … well would if I didn’t use it as a moisturiser or hair care or cooking or healing or lots of stuff (I have a few jars in the kitchen, bathroom and both bedrooms ).

*Sorry the pics are not taken just after oil pulling but and hour or so later, and just after drinking a green juice/smoothie.

Fair Saturday

The list for going to the Jousting at Linlithgow Palace.

Most importantly – the Passes.

Car has been topped up with fuel, tunes have been selected for the car journey. Films downloaded for the kids tablets.

Snacks for the car

  • fruit
  • wraps
  • crisps
  • juice
  • some sweets
  • more juice


  • pasta
  • sandwiches
  • veg
  • fruit
  • juice, juice and more juice

Their is an Aldi on the way back, if we need anything I will pop in and pick some things up.

This is the bag for on our travels. A few bottles of frozen water to help keep it all cool and to drink on the way home.


Hope the weather stays dry!

It’s summer

Here where we are, the school holidays have started.

So far Wee Man went to visit his dad, first time staying away from me more than 2 nights. I cried myself to sleep (aided by some gin and Grey’s Anatomy) He left on the friday and  done ok til the Monday. He broke down sobbing his wee heart out missing me. He wouldn’t go get a cuddle from his dad or stepmum. Shouted at his brother to go away cause he was making noise that ment he couldn’t hear me.

It was a sad horrible situation. I couldn’t give him a hug, or go collect him (5 hours and 2 trains away) and his dad couldn’t bring him home.

He was supposed to be away til Friday, but his stepmum brought him home yesterday. and it was the longest squashiest cuddles ive had. he wouldn’t let me go.


This week is our Fair Saturday, we have planned all year to go to Linlithgo Palace for the Jousting, happy coincidence that it falls on Fair Saturday. We are taking the Nephew with us. Hope he is ok for the car journey.

Sunday is the nephew’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe he is 2 already. We bought him a thomas the tank carry along set and a Toothless Dragon from the Bear Factory. Thomas was reduced a while back and i had a £10 voucher for the bear shop. I am doing facepainting for my sister at the party to help bring the costs down.


It should be a cheap weekend.




Grey’s Anatomy series 5. George just died. sob sob)