Yet another day 1

This time for my teeth.
They are weak, brittle and yellow.
This morning I oil pulled them. The first in a long time.

Here is day 1s pictures.




Hopefully I remember and take/post more pictures.

Still training for this 10k in May and Tough Mudder in June.  My weight keeps moving up and down the 12 stone area. Hasn’t went less that 12 stone since I began trying to lose weight.
Here is my weight after a week off work, 2 birthdays, a wedding and easter.


It’s not as if I slumped abt the house all week. Went out running a few times, played 10 pin bowling,  & went out on my bike too!.

10k in May

Weight has not moved for a while I’m sad to say.
Signed up for Morrisons Great Run in May the Glasgow one. Not received my pack yet, my friends received theirs so I’m getting a little anxious in case I’ve signed up for the wrong thing! .

Been out two 3 n a bit miles runs this week and going out again today. They are roughly 40 ish mins long and yesterday I done it as Day one of a couch to 10k app. My hip joints are a bit achy today when I walk.

Oh I bought myself a pair of Karrimore trainers for eighteen pounds. Lightest things I have ever worn.


Not been doing juices for a while, due to being skint just now, I’m eating healthy paleo inspired foods so alls not lost. Just can’t afford all the ingredients for a weeks juicing just now.

Son’s birthday soon and we have beginner snowboarding lessons.  He wants a 3ds  which my mum is going to buy, and I’ll pick up a game or 2 for it. 
Have no idea what else to get him.

Also going to Grimsby for the weekend in May for a christening which I’m looking forward to. But not the driving,  nor the cost of it all. Two hundred pounds for the room for 3 nights, saving us over one hundred pounds compared to a few hotels I was looking at.
Going to cost approximately one hundred and fifty pounds for diesel as well as six hours driving each way.

Paid for car insurance at start of the week. Three hundred and four pounds fully comp including breakdown and legal and everything else. 
Soo skint just now is an understatement. 

Just ate a load of lamb for breakfast  – was random bits in the freezer , defrosted and bunged in the slow cooker to make a stock base for soup for work this week. Thinking carrot n parsnip soup and maybe a broth too. It’s still a bit chilly here on the West Coast.

P.s. I also went on a disastrous date last weekend. No click no nothing. In fact the guy was an arrogant git. Belittling my choices of education for my son and his attitude stunk. So I told him a few things he didn’t like to hear – nothing to do with how shit a father he is – has a kid with a woman from another country and he won’t learn the language to communicate with his kid. Thinks the kid is going to want to come live with him in a few years haha dream on arse whole!  So he sent me a msg the next day saying I had called him ignorant and an idiot.
I did.
I apologised.

Not for what I said. But for him not understanding what the words meant.

The Elite Ice Hockey League and why you SHOULDN’T choose to come here to play.

Rather spot on.


No matter what profession you work in, the opportunity to travel the world and get paid for it is one that we all share. For many professional ice hockey players, the EIHL in the United Kingdom provides this opportunity.

Photo by Michael Cooper.

The league itself features a more North American style type of hockey as opposed to a European style, and is predominantly filled with American and Canadian players, as well as homegrown British players and guys from around Europe. It’s easy to see the attraction: you can travel to the other side of the world, experience different lifestyles and cultures while playing the game that you love and picking up a wage. It all sounds like a worthwhile career venture for ice hockey players across the globe, and for the last while, it has been. There’s plenty to do and see in the UK, the league itself features…

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Moping Monday

Today has been a drag horrible day. Woke with a bit of a headache that has persisted all day.
Work was horrible – people shouting at me to vent their frustrations about our clients, as well as a p.c. that takes forever and ever to do anything.
Breakfast today was an avocado with pink salt, junk (biscuits!) in work for “lunch” and apple slices with honey to dip in for snack.
3 chicken nuggets when at mums & now I’m going to make some bacon n sausages for dinner with either pancakes or a salad. Maybe even both.

Big surprise this week is that I lost 2 lb even though I was unable unorganised enough to continue the 7lb juice diet. I’m need to sort out the house 1st as it’s soo cluttered I can’t think properly.


Once that’s sorted I can then concentrate on a dedicated diet that needs time to prepare and wash the equipment – this sounds a bit strange I know, but my sleep is out of whack and I’m not getting up early enough to make the juices never mind do exercise,  and part of that is because I’m overwhelmed by the extent of clutter. So priority has changed for a week or 2 til I’m sorted.

I am keeping note of my calories just now tho and aiming for 1500 a day. I think this might still be too many but it will be a lot less than what I have been used to for ages.


This was yesterday’s,  which was a good day of ice skating with son n nephew who’s 2 and loved being on the ice. Son fell a few times but was ok and gaining confidence every week 🙂

The Day It Became Truly Real

“We cannot change Westminster – but we can stop enabling it.”

A Wilderness of Peace


(Fair warning, this is the angriest post I think I’ve done. Just so you know…)

Alistair Darling came to Greenock today. The town of my birth, where I spend many of my days, which is as familiar to me as anything I can think of. He came here, to spread his message. He came here.

He came here with his big vans. “I love my family. I’m saying No Thanks.” “I love Scotland. I’m saying No Thanks.” We love our kids. We’re saying No Thanks.” You’d be hard-pressed to write a more implicitly chilling threat. “You love Scotland, don’t you? You love your family? Then you’ll vote No, won’t you? If you love Scotland, and you love your family, then you want what’s best for them. You don’t want to see harm come to them. You don’t want something… unpleasant to happen to them. So you’ll vote No. There’s a…

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Pretty Mudder

Its only 2 months away according to the widget on the side bar.

I am no where near ready.

This week twice I have went out and walked around 6 miles. And I am struggling to keep a good pace. It is mostly hills though, so that is good. I am working up a good sweat.


Wee Man joined boxing this week also. He is a bit young for it, but my dadis good friends with the guy who takes it and has allowed him to come as long as he wants too. He used to go just over a year a go when my brother went to train, they let him hit a few punch bags and the like.

He went on Monday night and loved it. Tuesday he didnt want to go to school as his arms were sore. But he was soo excited to be going on Wednesday, and on Wednesday he took the Medicine Ball! Brave boy. Said it was a bit sore but that he would do it again. He didn’t have to take it, the guy asked everyone who wanted to take it to stand in the line and Wee Man joined. My dad has bought him everything he needs for boxing. New shorts and tops, socks, gloves, bandages and skipping ropes. the boxing is only £2. My dad is a bit shocked at that price as when my brother started it was only £1 for the young ones. Had to point out to my dad that everything else around here is in the £5 bracket as a starter.


Last day of school for the year also. sent in packed lunch for him to have at his after school club. We slept in this morning too. 8.40 we woke up. I’m all fuggy headed from intolorances. Couldn’t lift my head off the pillow.



I have written about 5 posts on my mobile and they are only saving as local drafts. Will need to e-mail in about it.