Healthy New Me

My journey to be a healthier new me.

what u eat

I’m (re)starting this as a big size 14, weighing in at around 12 stone 11lb. Healthy for my height etc is from around 7st 11lb – 10st 8lb (according to Boots the Chemist). My healthiest has been around 8 stone.

My first aim is to get close to 12 stone by end of September.

I’m doing race for life Pretty Mudder on 13th September, juicing for 5 days to kick start my weight loss, and also doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.


Restarting this.

As of today – 11/02/2015. I am 12stone 9lb. i have yo-yo-ed around 12 stone for a while, and put ON 6lb in one week of All Inclusinve greediness whilst on holiday.

I am now back at it with a vengence.

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